National Geographic Channel celebrates its 15-year anniversary


National Geographic Channel celebrates its 15th anniversary today. The cable TV channel, which launched in the U.S. on Jan. 7, 2001, was meant “for people who are learned, and for people who are just fascinated by the subject matter,” vice president of communications Russell A. Howard said at the time.

To celebrate, National Geographic Channel will spotlight “15 Years of National Geographic Channel” content on its TV channel, its social media accounts, video on demand and TV Everywhere platforms. The festivities will begin Jan. 31 and last all year.

Go to Nat Geo TV Blogs to watch the first National Geographic Channel promo to ever air in 2001, as well as a clip from the channel’s first show, A Cheetah’s Story.

Here’s a newspaper clipping of an Associated Press story published in The Tuscaloosa News: