FOX Sports Networks host visiting sports executives from China through cross-cultural learning exchange


In partnership with UCLA Anderson School of Management, FOX Sports Networks hosted 50 visiting sports executives from China last week. Working with the China Europe International Business School, UCLA facilitated a program on Sports & Leisure Management with the goal of expanding China’s national sports outreach. The higher-learning exchange program focuses on all aspects of sports management, from entertainment to retail to professional programs for developing talent.

While on the FOX lot, the group had the opportunity to hear from Tony Qi, General Manager of FOX Networks Group China; and David Nathanson, FOX Sports Head of Business Operations and graduate of the UCLA Anderson School of Management. The visiting Chinese CEOs, VPs and other corporate leaders then received an exclusive tour of FOX Sports Production Facilities, including master control rooms, wardrobe and the stages, and toured the FOX lot to learn about the production processes of different 21st Century Fox business units and the history of the company itself.