Ahead of International Women’s Day, Star India continues inspiring ‘Nayi Soch’ campaign with new ad celebrating gender equality


21st Century Fox’s Star India and Bollywood star Aamir Khan have partnered again on a new brand film for Star India’s ongoing “Nayi Soch” (“New Thinking’) campaign. “Nayi Soch” aims to spark conversation and social change through thought-provoking programming that highlights crucial social issues in India. The short film introduces Khan as a middle-class sweetshop owner who attributes his business success to his daughters’ talents. His shop is uniquely named “Gurdeep Singh & Daughters” rather than the prevalent “— & Sons.”

”We at Star believe that daughters are equally capable to bring laurels to their families and society. Our latest ‘Nayi Soch’ film reflects this confidence. It not only questions the gender discrimination that still exists, but also iterates our belief that it is time for fathers to step up and inspire their daughters with confidence and self-belief. Aamir Khan brings great credibility and empathy to the role of a father whose progressive thinking gives his daughters the freedom to flourish,” says Uday Shankar, CEO of Star India.

With approximately 650 million monthly views and broadcasts across more than 50 channels, Star India is one of the country’s largest media networks and consistently lauded for its emphasis on pro-social content, especially surrounding women’s empowerment and gender equality in India. After a nationwide study showed that Indian women were getting ahead with professional ambition but were still held back by negative social stereotypes, Star started running shows with roles for stronger female leads and supportive male leads. And in anticipation of International Women’s Day in 2015, Star Sports launched the #CheckOutMyGame campaign, which celebrated female athletes and their skills. These campaigns are all part of a more purpose-driven strategy, says Gayatri Yadav, president of consumer strategy and innovation at Star India, acknowledging that “the measure is the impact on society, not brand equity scores.”

Beginning in 2012, Aamir Khan also hosted a groundbreaking show called “Satyamev Jayate” (“truth alone prevails”) on Star’s networks which follows Khan’s conversations with experts, activists, and citizens on India’s most pressing social issues, from sexual assault to water scarcity to LGBT rights. “It deals with issues that India has tended to sweep under the carpet. It’s unrelenting and very, very tough. And yet, the success of the show has been astonishing,” said journalist Bobby Ghosh in conversation with Shankar at the Paley Center for Media in New York.

Star India programming reflects the network’s commitment to creative social responsibility, and “Nayi Soch” intends to add to the ripple effect of social change in the country. The film ends with the line, “Kaamyabi na ladka dekhti hai na ladki. Kaamyabi sirf soch dekhti hai” — “success does not consider whether one is a boy or girl; it only takes powerful thoughts into account.”

Watch “Nayi Soch’s” latest brand film below and join the conversation with #NayiSoch today.