2017 FOX upfront recap: FOX announces 6 new series and 17 returning series, 240 million social media fans, No. 1 in VOD


Fox Networks Group (FNG) presented its 2017-18 primetime programming schedule in an entertaining event at the Beacon Theatre in New York City on Monday, May 15. The presentation, which featured both FNG executives and talent from FOX’s current and upcoming shows, underscored the quantifiable value of FOX’s audience across platforms and previewed the schedule for returning and new primetime series for the upcoming season.

Making brands heroes

Just five days after being named Fox Networks Group’s President of Advertising Revenue, Joe Marchese took the stage at the upfronts to outline FOX’s innovative and measurable actions to improve the viewer experience and outperform the market on impact for brands. He laid out four specific areas of focus: metrics that matter, innovative ad formats, data-powered performance and brand storytelling.

Joe made several announcements, including: FOX and NBC’s collaboration to use Moat’s video scores for all linear and digital content; the end of standard commercials for FX on-demand viewing in favor of viewer-friendly ad formats; the creation of true[X]’s machine learning system Up//Lift to help brands optimize their creative decisions; and the launch of All City, an in-house agency that will help advertisers tell brand stories across FNG’s portfolio of creators, talent and networks.

On any given Tuesday

Joe also debunked the claim that Facebook has a Super Bowl on mobile every day and demonstrated that is was more appropriate to say that on any given Tuesday, FOX primetime delivers 774 Facebooks. During the two-hour primetime window on an average Tuesday night, FOX delivers 116 million ad minutes, nearly five times as many as YouTube and Facebook combined (27 million ad minutes).

According to Joe, FOX is able to capture the attention and focus of viewers to deliver that many more advertising minutes because we ask for permission and deliver incredible content in return. He said: “Asking someone to pay attention to a brand’s message in exchange for value is how advertising was supposed to work. What gives FOX permission to ask people to pay attention to your ads is our investment in the world’s greatest storytelling, the culture-defining bold characters, the truly immersive experiences, the things we’re gathered here today to celebrate. And not only does that allow broadcast to deliver more of your messages in terms of time, but it also performs.”

A strong year

Fox Television Group Chairmen and CEOs Dana Walden and Gary Newman captivated the upfront audience with their analysis of the broadcast network’s impressive year and strong series debuts.

“Our audience seeks us out because FOX content stands out,” Dana said. “It’s content that matters.”

“And it thrives on platforms that matter to you – on Hulu, FOX NOW, VOD – extending your message to digital to help you reach even more of our young audience,” Gary added.

Some of the many highlights Dana and Gary discussed include:  

  • On VOD, three of the top five series are on FOX
  • FOX has the largest social footprint in TV (240 million fans and followers)
  • FOX’s shows have the most social interactions per episode (650,000)
  • FOX’s shows have the strongest social sentiment

Programming announcements

Dana and Gary expressed their excitement for the network’s schedule, including its 17 returning series, which is the most the network has had in a decade. Those shows will be complemented by the promising new programs Gary and Dana previewed, with new shows including: “The Gifted,” “The Orville,” “Ghosted,” “The Resident,” “LA to Vegas,” “9-1-1” and a new 10-episode installment of the iconic series “The X-Files.” FOX also announced two upcoming live musical events: “Rent” and “A Christmas Story.”

Here are some photos from FOX’s programming presentation and the post-show party:

For more photos from the 2017 FOX upfront post-show party, see the @21CF Twitter feed.