Fox Archives: ‘Independence Day’ (1996) concept art, photographs and props for World UFO Day


Do you believe? Twentieth Century Fox has exhibited a wide variety of UFOs in their films and television shows over the years. To celebrate World UFO Day (Sunday, July 2, 2017), I would like to focus on “Independence Day” (1996). In the film, produced and distributed by 20th Century Fox Film and released in U.S. theaters on July 3, 1996, multiple aircrafts hovered over the world, causing curiosity and fear. Inside were aliens and smaller attackers ready to take on humanity.

Please enjoy the Fox Archives’ concept art, photographs and props showcasing the Mothership, Alien Attackers and Alien Pilot from the film. 

The Fox Archives is mandated to collect, catalog, preserve and make accessible the following assets of the 20th Century Fox studios: props, set decoration, photographs, art department and publicity materials from our film and television productions, and from the 20th Century Fox studio itself. We work primarily with internal Fox groups but also from time to time with outside organizations such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry.