21CF supports initiative to grow Colleague Network and Resource Groups to advance careers, cultures and community


21CF recently launched an initiative to support the creation and growth of Colleague Network and Resource Groups (CNRGs) to further increase diversity and foster a culture of inclusion. The CNRGs operate on the core belief that a diversity of ideas and viewpoints drives innovation and inspires powerful storytelling that resonates with audiences everywhere.

Executives of the company serve as sponsors for the CNRGs, which are formed around the basis of shared identity, interests or pursuits to advance careers, culture and community.

“When I heard about the initiative, I wanted to get involved because cultural intelligence is critical to the success of our business today, and I wanted to support these groups that serve as a resource to their members as well as the company,” said Keith Feldman, President, Worldwide Home Entertainment, who signed on as Executive Sponsor of APEX (Asian-Pacific Entertainment Connection) along with Mike Nelson, EVP, CFO, 20th Century Fox.

Here is a list of 21CF’s CNRGs:

  • APEX (Asian-Pacific Islander colleagues)
  • HOLA (Hispanic colleagues)
  • Noir (black colleagues)
  • Pride (LGBT colleagues)
  • Vets
  • Women@21CF
  • WIT@21CF (Women in Technology)
  • Women of FOX Sports

Each group supports its members through regular networking events, professional development opportunities, panel discussions, film screenings and community service projects. One such program was the company’s historic partnership with the U.S. State Department to create the #HiddenNoMore Exchange Program, which culminated in a day of networking and conversation with WIT@21CF.

Colleagues across 21CF are encouraged to participate and form local chapters of existing CNRGs or new CNRGs through 21CF Global Inclusion. “CNRGs have the potential and power to advance diversity and foster inclusion across the entire company,” said MyKhanh Shelton, SVP, 21CF Global Inclusion.

Learn more about Diversity and Inclusion at 21CF.