Fox Archives: Oh, a wise guy, eh? The Three Stooges in ‘Soup to Nuts’ (1930)


Larry, Moe and Shemp, better known as the Three Stooges, made their motion picture debut with the 1930 Fox film “Soup to Nuts.” The stooges were originally part of a vaudevillian act led by Ted Healy. Although not yet billed by their famous moniker, the troupe along with Healy, appeared together in this slapstick comedy written by cartoonist Rube Goldberg.

Rube, a Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated American cartoonist, and founding member and first president of the National Cartoonist Society, is perhaps best known for creating elaborate devices, more commonly known today as Rube Goldberg machines, to do the simplest of tasks. “Soup to Nuts” features some of his machines and sculptures.

Below are some photos for your enjoyment:

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