21CF hosts 2018 PromaxBDA Promo Pathway graduation ceremony, bringing fresh new voices into entertainment marketing


As one of the leading sponsors of Promo Pathway, PromaxBDA’s yearlong program for college students with diverse voices to gain experience in entertainment marketing, 21st Century Fox recently welcomed this year’s class of 14 graduates to the Fox Studios Lot in Los Angeles to showcase their portfolios and celebrate their graduation. Students played the on-air promo reels they created over the past year and received valuable feedback from HR representatives, recruiters and industry leaders at the reception. Scott Edwards, SVP of On-Air Promos & Operations at FOX Broadcasting Company (pictured above), delivered the ceremony’s opening remarks.

“For Fox to grow, remain relevant and continue to positively impact our society, we must have a steady influx of new talent,” Edwards said. “This community thrives on new and creative individuals hungry to tell their stories and make a difference in our world. And those of us already in the game owe it to future generations by helping develop and celebrate the storytellers of tomorrow, such as these 14 students right here.”

Now in its sixth year, Promo Pathway is the nation’s first-ever accredited on-air promotions training program, produced by PromaxBDA and Santa Monica College. Students spend a full year learning directly from promo writers, editors, designers and producers from some of the world’s largest media companies; and gain real-world experience through internships at television networks, agencies and studios. Students leave the program with not only a robust portfolio of original promos but also the professional network necessary to jump-start their careers in entertainment marketing. PromaxBDA is a professional association representing thousands of entertainment marketers and designers.

Its sponsorship of Promo Pathway is one of the many ways 21CF carries out its commitment to developing the next generation of storytellers. Professional programs such as the Fox Writers Lab and Fox Filmmakers Lab help emerging, diverse voices behind the camera bring their work to the next level; and the company’s work with Ghetto Film School, which teaches filmmaking to teenagers from underserved communities, is creating a new pipeline of diverse talent into Hollywood and beyond.

“We are a community of people with a profound commitment to making a difference,” Edwards said. “The Fox Studios Lot is not only home to hundreds of productions on an annual basis but also the place where Fox regularly initiates and participates in any number of social causes, including Fox Pride, Fox Gives, Global Inclusion and so many more. Promax and SMC’s Promo Pathway is one of those programs we are so honored to be a part of.”

Learn more about 21CF Global Inclusion, as well as the company’s commitment to nurturing diverse voices and stories both in front of and behind the camera.

This year’s Promo Pathway graduates