Ethical Standards

The Board is committed to acting with the utmost integrity and expects the same of every employee at every level of the Company. The Board has adopted “Standards of Business Conduct.” The full text of the Standards may be found on the Company’s website. The Standards of Business Conduct confirm the Company’s policy to conduct its affairs in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and observe the highest standards of business ethics. The Company intends that the spirit as well as the letter of those standards is followed by all Directors, officers and employees of the Company, its subsidiaries and divisions. This is communicated to each new Director, officer and employee and has already been communicated to those in positions at the time the Standards of Business Conduct were adopted. The Standards of Business Conduct deal with the following main areas:

  • equal opportunity and unlawful harassment;
  • health and safety of the workplace;
  • conflicts of interest;
    1. business hospitality;
    2. gifts to government officials;
  • improper benefit;
  • corporate assets and information:
    1. Company property, including intellectual property;
    2. confidential information, including security of electronic information;
    3. document retention;
    4. legal matters;
  • financial records and public communications;
  • insider trading;
  • relationships with competitors and other trade practices;
  • good corporate citizenship;
  • anti-bribery and anti-corruption;
  • international trade laws and anti-boycott laws; and
  • political activities and lobbying.

Employees are encouraged to raise any matters of concern with their supervisor or the relevant general counsel. The Standards of Business Conduct also apply to ensure compliance with stock exchange disclosure requirements and to ensure accountability at a senior management level for that compliance.

21st Century Fox and Fox News are affirmatively committed and obligated to a business practice and corporate value of zero tolerance for sexual harassment, race discrimination, and all other forms of discrimination prohibited by law, and a corporate policy that creates a safe, productive and welcoming workplace for all of their employees. 21st Century Fox and Fox News are also affirmatively committed and obligated to a business practice and corporate value of zero tolerance for retaliation. This commitment and obligation to zero tolerance for retaliation includes retaliation against anyone who in good faith complains about harassment or discrimination, or who provides support, as a witness or otherwise, for a complaint regarding harassment or discrimination.