Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. (“21CF” or the “Company”) is committed to the corporate value of zero tolerance for sexual harassment, race discrimination, and all other forms of discrimination prohibited by law, and a corporate policy that creates a safe, productive and welcoming workplace for everyone as further described in 21CF’s Statement of Corporate Governance (the “Commitment Statement”). Our senior management personally leads the effort to promote civility and respect on the job, while maintaining the Company’s long-held commitment to a diverse, inclusive and creative workplace.

We have taken steps to address concerns regarding workplace civility and governance at Fox News Channel. These include a significant overhaul of the leadership, management and reporting structure, as well as the appointment of a new head of Human Resources at Fox News, Kevin Lord. In addition, we have accelerated the pace of live training on workplace behavior at Fox News, and across 21CF.

21CF has established the Fox News Workplace Professionalism and Inclusion Council (the “WPIC”), a committee comprising experts in workplace and inclusion matters, with a majority serving from outside the company. The WPIC will advise Fox News and its senior management in its ongoing efforts to ensure a proper workplace environment for all employees and guests, strengthen reporting practices for wrongdoing, enhance HR training on workplace behavior, and further recruitment and advancement of women and minorities. Authorized by and reporting to the 21CF Board, through its Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, the WPIC will provide written reports to the 21CF Board, which will be posted on 21CF’s website. The Board considers it important to review and remain informed about Fox News’s compliance with its commitments and obligations expressed in the Commitment Statement and in the settlement described below and, through its Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, will oversee Fox News’s performance of the commitments expressed in the Commitment Statement.

WPIC Reports

Report dated December 26, 2018

Report dated June 6, 2018