We are pleased to offer our Stockholders the benefits and convenience of electronic delivery, including:

  • The quickest delivery possible of Stockholder materials, including but not limited to the Proxy Statement, Annual Report to Stockholders and related materials.
  • Elimination of bulky documents from personal files.
  • Reduction of the Company’s printing and mailing costs associated with more traditional delivery methods.
  • Makes online proxy voting easier.
  • Reduction of the Company’s impact on the environment by avoiding unnecessary carbon emissions and waste caused by physical printing.

Enroll now by clicking on the appropriate selection below:

Beneficial Stockholders

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You are a Beneficial Stockholder if you maintain your position in the Company within a brokerage account.

Registered Stockholders

You are a Registered Stockholder if you have your stock certificate in your possession or if the shares are being held with our transfer agent Computershare Investor Services in the United States of America.

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Foreign Investors With U.S. Listed Shares

You are a Foreign Investor with U.S. Shares if you do not have a US/Canadian Social Security Number or Tax ID associated with your U.S. domiciled account.

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